1. Roivant Sciences– Country: Switzerland, Founded- 2014

Mission of systematically reducing the time and cost of the drug development process and eventually using that as a foundation to also reinvent the way the drug going to be commercialese.

  1. Synergy Pharmaceuticals – Country: USA, Founded- 2005

Synergy Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of novel gastrointestinal (GI) therapies.

  1. BenevolentAI– Country: UK, Founded- 2013

We are an AI company with end-to-end capability from early drug discovery to late-stage clinical development. BenevolentAI combines the power of computational medicine and advanced AI with the principles of open systems and cloud computing to transform the way medicines are designed, developed, tested and brought to market.

  1. Kite Pharma– Country: USA, Founded- 2009

Kite, a Gilead company, is dedicated to achieving one of the most ambitious goals of 21st century medicine: curing cancer.

  1. Alector– Country: USA, Founded- 2013

At Alector we are forging a new path for overcoming the tremendous burden caused by neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. Our approach centers on mining the human genome to identify mutations in immune system genes that increase the risk for these disorders.

  1. Ideaya Biosciences– Country: USA, Founded- 2015

IDEAYA is a precision medicine oncology company developing targeted therapeutics and translational biomarkers to guide patient treatment. IDEAYA’s pipeline is directed to tumor cell and immune oncology targets approached using synthetic lethality and direct targeting of oncogenic pathways.

  1. Nimbus Therapeutics– Country: USA, Founded- 2009

Nimbus Therapeutics is a biotechnology company, Nimbus is pioneering the application of computational chemistry to design treatments for substantial and underserved human diseases. The company’s focus on metabolic diseases, cancer and immune-inflammatory disorders reflects the mechanistic relationship between these disorders, and Nimbus’ ability to rapidly tackle well validated targets as well as those that have proven intractable to the approaches taken by others in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, resulting in medicines with high potency, selectivity and other desirable drug-like properties.

  1. TARIS Biomedical– Country: USA, Founded- 2008

TARIS Bio is a unique therapeutically-focused urology company focused developing powerful and targeted new treatments for the millions of patients suffering from difficult-to-treat bladder diseases.

  1. Aslan Pharmaceuticals– Country: USA, Founded- 2010

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage oncology-focused biotechnology company developing novel therapeutics for global markets. We target diseases that are both highly prevalent in Asia and orphan indications in the United States and Europe.

  1. Milestone Pharmaceuticals– Country: Canada, Founded- 2005

Milestone Pharmaceuticals is a drug development company developing small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

  1. iTeos Therapeutics– Country: Belgium, Founded- 2011

iTeos Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to extending and improving the lives of cancer patients by developing immunotherapies by design.

  1. Recursion Pharmaceuticals– Country: USA, Founded- 2011

Recursion Pharmaceuticals has developed a powerful drug discovery platform involving millions of rapid, automated experiments and analysis to discover new therapeutics.

  1. Sangamo BioSciences– Country: USA, Founded- 1995
  2. Fog Pharmaceuticals– Country: USA, Founded- 2015

FogPharma’s cell-penetrating miniproteins (CPMPs) are a broad new class of medicines that can drug targets beyond the reach of conventional therapeutics.

  1. BioXcel Therapeutics– Country: USA, Founded- 2017

BioXcel Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on drug development that utilizes novel artificial intelligence to identify the next wave of medicines across neuroscience and immuno-oncology. The company’s drug re-innovation approach leverages existing approved drugs and/or clinically validated product candidates together with big data and proprietary machine learning algorithms to identify new therapeutic indices.

  1. NextCure– Country: USA, Founded- 2017

NextCure is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing next generation immuno-oncology-based drugs.

  1. Inflazome– Country: Ireland, Founded- 2016

Inflazome develops targeted therapies for inflammatory diseases. Inflammasomes generate signals that cause immune cells to fight infections.

  1. Gotham Therapeutics– Country: USA, Founded- 2017

Gotham Therapeutics has assembled an exceptional team and network to establish a novel drug class targeting RNA-modifying proteins. By changing the activity of proteins that modify messenger RNA, we aim to develop new treatment options for patients suffering from cancers, auto-immune and neurodegenerative diseases.

  1. Yumanity Therapeutics– Country: USA, Founded- 2014

Yumanity Therapeutics is transforming drug discovery for neurodegenerative diseases caused by protein misfolding. Yumanity is working to identify and develop new, disease-modifying therapies that address several illnesses with critical unmet medical needs. The initial focus of the company is neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

  1. NMD Pharma– Country: Denmark, Founded- 2005

NMD Pharma is a small molecule drug discovery company that develops novel treatments of neuromuscular disorders. Research by the founders working on the neuromuscular junction identified an approach that has not previously been exploited but shows great promise.

  1. Palleon Pharmaceuticals– Country: USA, Founded- 2015

Palleon Pharmaceuticals develops drugs that target sugar-sensing molecules on the surfaces of cells. It has integrated technologies and insights from world-renowned scientific leaders in glycoscience and human immunology to create the first Glycoimmune Checkpoint Inhibitors to treat cancer patients.

  1. HotSpot Therapeutics– Country: UK, Founded- 2017

Inspired by nature’s ability to regulate protein function to restore health, HotSpot Therapeutics is discovering new allosteric therapies with the ability to treat disease in new ways. Unlike conventional drug discovery, which focuses on targeting the active sites of proteins, HotSpot has developed a technology platform to uncover nature’s privileged regulatory hotspots – pockets remote from the active site that are critical to protein function.

  1. Ribometrix– Country: USA, Founded- 2014

Ribometrix is a platform therapeutics company that discovers small molecule drugs to treat human diseases.

  1. Alzheon– Country: USA, Founded- 2013

Alzheon is committed to developing innovative medicines for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological and psychiatric disorders. Our Alzheon’s drug development platform which comprises proprietary chemistries, robust clinical efficacy and safety datasets in patients and genetically-defined subpopulations, and the ability to optimize molecules to have the desired therapeutic attributes.

  1. Enyo Pharma Country: France, Founded- 2014

ENYO Pharma is a clinical stage Biotech with a unique drug discovery engine inspired by viruses. It develops drug for Chronic Hepatitis B.

  1. Berg– Country: USA, Founded- 2006

BERG is a biopharma company focused on taking a bold “back to biology” approach to therapeutic discovery using its unique AI-based Interrogative Biology platform. This platform combines patient biology and artificial intelligence-based analytics to engage the differences between healthy and disease environments.

  1. Owkin– Country: France, Founded- 2016 OWKIN is the AI startup that uses machine learning to augment medical and biology research. Our proprietary platform, OWKIN Socrates, uses machine learning technology to integrate biomedical images, genomics and clinical data to discover biomarkers and mechanisms associated with diseases and treatment outcomes.
  2. Pieris Pharmaceuticals– Country: USA, Founded- 2013

Pieris Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that discovers and develops Anticalin-based drugs to target validated disease pathways in a unique and transformative way. Our pipeline includes immuno-oncology multi-specifics tailored for the tumor micro-environment, inhaled Anticalin proteins to treat respiratory diseases, such as uncontrolled asthma, and a half-life-optimized Anticalin protein to treat anemia.

  1. Ayala Pharmaceuticals– Country: Israel, Founded- 2013

Ayala Pharmaceuticals develops a personalized treatment for cancer.

  1. BIOCAD– Country: Russia, Founded- 2001

BioCAD is a full-cycle drug development and manufacturing company with a world-class research and development center.

  1. twoXAR– Country: USA, Founded- 2014

twoXAR is an artificial intelligence-driven drug discovery company. They leverage their computational platform to identify promising drug candidates, validate & de-risk them through preclinical studies, and progress candidates to the clinic through industry and investor partnerships.

  1. Ritter Pharmaceuticals– Country: USA, Founded- 2004

Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops novel therapeutic products, which modulate the human gut microbiome to treat inflammatory, gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases. We are discovering a new frontier in human gut health research by exploring the metabolic capacity of the gut microbiota and translating the functionality of prebiotic-based therapeutics into safe and effective applications that can have a meaningful impact on a patient’s health.

  1. Engine Biosciences– Country: Singapore, Founded- 2014

Engine Biosciences is a biotech company that applies machine learning to genomics for drug discovery.

  1. AtomWise– Country: USA, Founded- 2012

Atomwise is the creator of AtomNet, the first Deep Learning technology for novel small molecule discovery, characterized by its unprecedented speed, accuracy, and diversity.

  1. Verge Genomics- Country: USA, Founded- 2015

We use genomic data to find better drugs, faster. We find new cures for brain diseases 1000X more cheaply and quickly using our proven network algorithms.

  1. RDMD– Country: USA, Founded- 2017

rdmd empower patients and communities to change the way that drug development happens in rare disease.

  1. WellBrain– Country: USA, Founded- 2015

WellBrain is a physician created and managed company with a former Buddhist monk to alleviate the opioid epidemic with mindfulness.

  1. Versantis– Country: Switzerland, Founded- 2015

Versantis is a pharmaceutical company, developing a new generation of medicines and diagnostics to revolutionize the care of patients with liver disease. Embracing lifesaving and preventive therapies, Versantis aims to answer the unmet medical need of millions of people worldwide.

  1. Selvita– Country: Poland, Founded- 2015

Selvita is a drug discovery company engaged in the research and development of breakthrough therapies in the area of oncology.

  1. AxoSim Technologies– Country: USA, Founded- 2014

AxoSim’s Nerve-on-a-Chip platform facilitates prediction of both clinical neurotoxicity and efficacy in human neurodegenerative disease models earlier in the drug development pipeline.

  1. MentiNova– Country: USA, Founded- 2013

MentiNova’s primary strategy is to use L-DOPA, the drug that is currently clinically approved for another indication and repurpose it for the treatment of L-Dopa Induced Dyskinesia in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

  1. Cour Pharmaceutical-Country: USA, Founded- 2012

The Cour particle platforms provide a novel and highly specific immune targeting capability which may be safely applied to severe inflammatory modulation, and immune (antigen) tolerization.

  1. KYAN Therapeutics– Country: USA, Founded- 2014

KYAN harnesses its powerful technology platforms to transform the way that patients are treated. KYAN completely de-risks the drug development process, resulting in powerful and proprietary new combination therapies, as well as individualized treatment with unprecedented efficacy and safety.

  1. mClinica– Country: Singapore, Founded 2014

mClinica aims to build a digital network of drug companies, their distributors, pharmacies, and patients on a common platform. By unifying them, the company’s network collects comprehensive data that allows for the deployment of programs to improve patients’ health outcomes and access to affordable medicine.

  1. ConneXionsAsia– Country: Singapore, Founded 2010

Oncology focused biotechnology company developing a portfolio of immunotherapies and targeted drugs to treat Asia prevalent cancers. ASLAN’s focus on these diseases, which include gastric, liver and biliary tract cancers, is filling the gap for treatments that can vastly improve patient outcomes.

  1. AbbVie – Country: North Chicago, Founded 2013

At AbbVie, we believe the world needs new approaches to addressing today’s health issues — from life-threatening illness to chronic conditions. We combine advanced science, expertise and passion to solve serious health issues and have a remarkable impact on people’s lives.

  1. Alkermes– Country: Ireland, Founded 2011

Alkermes plc is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on central nervous system (CNS) diseases. The company is the result of a merger in September 2011 between Alkermes, Inc., and Elan Drug Technologies (EDT), the former drug formulation and manufacturing division of Élan Corporation, plc.

  1. Astellas Pharma– Country: Tokyo, Founded 2005

Contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products. Sustainable enhancement of enterprise value. Create innovative new drugs and medical solutions by leveraging our core capabilities

  1. Allergan– Country: Ireland, Founded 2013

Allergan plc (NYSE: AGN) is a bold, global pharmaceutical company. We are focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing branded pharmaceutical, device, biologic, surgical and regenerative medicine products for patients around the world.

  1. Recursion Pharma – Country: USA Founded 2013

Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. offers drug discovery and treatments using artificial intelligence, automation, bioinformatics, and experimental biology. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.